Company Introduction

Peykasa company with over 15 years of brilliant history and as the first and the largest knowledge-based company located in the Science and Technology Park of Sharif University, is one of the pioneers in providing innovative services in the field of information and communication technologies in Iran. Technical knowledge, flexibility, and accurate understanding of the industry are among the salient features that have made Peykasa a strategic partner for the esteemed ICT companies. Peykasa offers three business threads for various value chain points and now is growing fast in new and innovative fields of digital technology:

  • Telecom Solutions: Having more than 50 operational sites for telecommunication operators such as Mobile Communication Company of Iran (MCCI), Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI), Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC), Irancell (MTN), Rightel, and MVNOs as well as providing various services to more than 80 million mobile and fixed-line subscribers, Peykasa is one of the largest companies operating in the Iranian telecommunications industry owning solutions that do not have any other similar domestic competitor. SMS-based products, signaling analysis solutions, roaming solutions, call management solutions, security management, and fraud prevention systems, location-based service infrastructure and value-added service delivery platforms are among the telecom solutions developed by Peykasa.
  • Intelligent Solutions: PeykAsa adopts an open strategy to meet the dynamic needs of a new digital market and survive the hyper-competitive IT industry. Two functional areas at the cutting edge of technology that are stepped into the spotlight are IoT and Big Data solutions with all their variants and use cases. The main goal defined under this business line is to develop the two ecosystems of interest.
  • Business Innovation Solutions: PeykAsa business innovation solutions take a holistic approach to enable operators to attain excellence in customer experience, improve their network operations, and define advanced newfound services. It provides telecom enterprises a bird’s-eye view to measure customer satisfaction during customer’s life cycle and create, deliver, and monitor various services based on their demands.