Call Management Solutions

PA-Call Management Solutions

PA-VOIP Intelligent Policy Enforcer (PA-VIPE)
Today, most fixed/mobile operators and service providers need to equip their network with policy enforcement capabilities to apply the specific policies, rules, and laws. This is a forensic action under ETSI 201 671 v2-1-7, which leads to manipulating and enforcing policies on the traffic. PA-VIPE applies policies and rules over the VoIP traffic by utilizing its layer 3 to 7 deep packet inspection (DPI) technology.

One of the most important aspects of mobile communications networks is service quality which has a significant impact on improving network performance and customer satisfaction. A missed call alert system has a significant influence on reducing the number of the efforts of a caller when the receiver is not available and thus helps operators to use the network signaling resources better. PA-MCA main scenario is to inform the caller of the unavailability of the called party and on the other hand, through an appropriate mechanism, such as SMS inform the called party. In this system, the subscriber will be in the form of one SMS for all of the failed call attempts.

Voice message service or voicemail is an automatic voice answering service that is based on the telephone network. According to configurations and subscriber’s needs, it can respond to incoming calls in various situations such as when the subscriber’s device is off, when the subscriber is answering another call and the line is busy, when the subscriber is not available or is located outside the network coverage area or when the subscriber is not able to respond to his call. In these situations, after establishing the communication between caller and system, the incoming message is recorded and stored by the PA-VMS. Then it informs the subscriber about the newly received message through methods that are designated by him and could be as a text message, phone call, or e-mail. At any time, the subscriber could be able to contact the system, hear his voice messages, and manage his voicemail using facilities that the system provides for him. It also provides some extended features such as changing greeting messages, setting the parameters of the voice box, messages management, and sending scheduled messages.