The incredible proliferation of smartphones and the mass market penetration of mobile broadband have made operators transform their network to 4G. The excellent speed of 4G networks has led to an increase in mobile signaling transactions and consequently generate network management issues for operators. It also puts high demands on various data roaming services, including voice, data, and multimedia. Thus, operators require providing their subscribers with high-quality, seamless roaming services.
To communicate with other LTE networks, operators use the Diameter protocol as a common language among their servers and software. Diameter is a signaling protocol that is also used internally in EPC as a connectivity option for exchanging data packets between operators’ elements such as MME, HSS, etc. This massive signaling growth has driven many mobile operators to apply solutions to address the network configuration complexity, traffic congestion at very high signaling load, and also malicious security attacks.
PA-DSC provides a flexible, scalable, and robust framework that plays a vital role in securely interconnecting Diameter elements in 3G, IMS & LTE networks as well as policy deployment.
It provides a high-performance LTE signaling firewall to address security issues for IP-Based packets. It can recognize and block specific packets by predefined rules that are set by operators. This solution guarantees the security of the network against unauthorized and malicious packets by real-time monitoring and controlling the network at multiple levels including TLS, firewall, and access control lists.
PA-DSC is a modular platform that consists of the Diameter Edge Agent (PA-DEA) which manages activity at the edge of the network, the Diameter Routing Agent (PA-DRA) that is responsible for routing traffic in the core network, and the Diameter Advanced Roaming Hub Agent (PA-DARA) that provides roaming functionalities for exchanging LTE/4G roaming packets in real-time.

PA-DSC meets what you need:

  • PA-DRA, as a Diameter proxy, acts like a traffic cop that efficiently routes the signaling messages within the IP network. It also manages the traffic load to ensure that the load is distributed properly between Diameter nodes.
  • PA-DEA sits on the edge of the network and controls IP packets that are exchanged between the network and its roaming partners. It provides the security of the network by topology hiding and ensures that only supported content is passed through the network.
  • PA-DARA is one of the most enhanced Diameter Roaming Hub Solutions which is based on IR.88 GSMA standard and provides various functionalities including routing packets based on each packet field that is determined by the operator, real-time configuration which means operators can reconfigure the solution without cessation the service, and flexible load sharing in the way that packets can be routed under consideration of customized capacities per each node.

Key Features

  • Supporting various application layers such as S6a/S6d and S9
  • Flexible transport layer by providing multi-connections with separate port numbers
  • Fully compatible with 3GPP Diameter protocols
  • Fully compatible with GSMA IR.82
  • Advanced routing functions
  • Load distribution and congestion control
  • Effective topology hiding
  • Simple web-based dashboard
  • Real-time packet tracing
  • Advanced fault management
  • Powerful statistical and reporting system

Key Benefits

  • Decreasing integration cost
  • Reducing network complexity
  • Multi-functional Diameter agent
  • Fast and convenient deployment
  • Topology hiding, congestion prevention, and security at the edge of Diameter network