In the early 2000s, a revolution in the telecommunication industry has led to the advent of MVNOs as providers of new services and products.
Getting the new challenges introduced by this competitive market under control is the key for MVNOs to succeed. The followings are the principal requirements that MVNOs should address:

  • Launching services independent of MNOs
  • Compatibility with MNOs
  • Controlling user IDs and accounts data
  • Enforcing policy remotely
  • Detecting user behavior and context data
  • Variable pricing, credit, and quota control
  • Connecting to 3rd party service/content providers and getting paid
  • Security for non-MNO untrusted access

As a MVNE, Peykasa links MVNOs with MNOs. Thanks to long-term cooperation with different Iranian MNOs and customers, PeykAsa has gained perfect insight into the telecommunication market and potential customers’ needs. We offer a range of flexible, modular, and scalable solutions as PA-MVNE which is tailored to MVNO demands and equips them with the required technology infrastructure and business solutions. PA-MVNE enables MVNOs and MNOs to broaden their services and extensions, reduce their costs, and overcome network complexities.