Roaming Solutions

PA-Roaming Solutions

PA-Welcome Roamer
PA-Welcome Roamer is a solution with the ability to send greetings to travelers when they roam into the visited network. This system enables mobile operators with a wide range of configurable operations to react when a subscriber enters/exits to/from the network. It supports flexible delivery scenarios, dynamic content delivery, SMS language management depending on the home country of the visitor, network and subscriber blacklists, and interconnection with SMSC via SMPP v.3.4 protocol. It also utilizes a powerful web application that can be used on regular web browsers over the internet to monitor the inbound/ outbound traffic in the network.
PA-Welcome-Roamer can be located in various networks such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, and even 4G. Depending on its location in the network and by utilizing signaling links and IP protocols, this product can connect to the adjacent nodes and interact with them. Based on the gathered information about the roamers’ arrival, departure and movement, it sends predefined messages to roamers and informs them about their situation in the visited network.

This solution is configurable to:

  • Be compatible with different operators
  • Send messages in different languages
  • Schedule sending messages
  • Store the last time of roaming

This solution also provides various comprehensive reports including:

  • Online inbound roamers
  • Online outbound roamers
  • Inbound roamers archive
  • Outbound roamers archive

As part of a mobile operator roaming strategy, many consider traffic steering or directing roaming customers to preferred networks, to benefit from lower prices and/or to alleviate quality concerns. PA-SoR enables operators to implement this steering of roaming strategy and make the most of which partner their subscribers will use while roaming.

PA-Anti SoR Detection
Anti-steering of roaming detection and prevention is a key element in a  comprehensive roaming strategy. The increased use of anti-steering methodologies provides a commercial risk for operators attempting to accurately control their roamers. By detecting and thwarting these tactics, you can provide your subscribers with seamless service at the highest quality.