Service providers seek to reduce the time needed to launch their new services. Reducing Capital Costs (CAPEX) and Operational Costs (OPEX) to develop, control, maintain, and deliver new services is a vital need to stay competitive in the market.
PA-SDP is a foundation for this target i.e. the creation, deployment, provisioning, control, charging, and management of telecommunication services provided to the end-users. PA-SDP represents the programming interface enabling programming of the underlying network capabilities. Service and content providers, banks, and advertising agencies are some of the target users of such services.
PA-SDP is a flexible tool for managing bulk messages generated by clients as well. It is responsible for controlling bulk SMS traffic. It has an independent charging system that allows charging the client for each message sent. The client can be charged upon sending a message or receiving a success delivery report based on the operator’s requirements. PA-SDP provides bandwidth management for each client and also for the entire system. However, maximum total system throughput is limited to the allowed bandwidth of SMSC.

Key Features

  • Independent charging system
  • High throughput: up to 30K SMS/sec.
  • SMS response/reply service
  • Flow control/bandwidth management
  • Web service/Graphical User Interface (GUI)