The short message service system is the first carrier-grade solution developed in PeykAsa and the only short message service system developed in Iran. The first version of PA-SMSC was released in the year 1380 (2000 AD) and deployed in the network of the first Iranian mobile operator (MCCI). The latest version of PA-SMSC is a powerful, high capacity, and reliable system at the cutting edge of mobile communications technology. Providing a wide and various list of features such as powerful delivery scheduling management, first delivery attempt, policy management, easy customized licensing principles, and advanced SMS routing mechanisms, PA-SMSC is a perfect choice for MNO/MVNO’s needs. Moreover, its horizontally scalable architecture allows achieving high reliability by adjusting its performance as the network grows.

Key Benefits

  • Superb performance and full scalability
  • Flexible delivery scheduling
  • Overflow protection
  • Dynamic system configuration
  • A powerful SMS routing system


  • Support of sending/receiving alphanumeric and binary messages
  • Full support of ETSI GSM 03.40, ETSI GSM 03.38, and Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) v3.4
  • Full support of GSM MAP phase I, II, III
  • Support of Replace and Cancel procedures
  • External Short Messaging Entity (ESME) access right management
  • Hundreds of simultaneously connected SMPP connection
  • Configurable white and blacklists
  • Support of Alert_SC procedure
  • Fault management system
  • KPI management system
  • Detailed EDR and CDR


  • Up to 50K SMS per second, depending on the license
  • Up to 200M message queue size, depending on the license and hardware