Usually there exist multiple SMSCs in the mobile and fixed networks. On the other hand, the value-added service providers (VASPs) need to connect to all of them to complete their service. Here is where the concept of SMS gateway comes into the picture. PA-SMSGW simplifies the network structure by sitting between VASPs and SMSCs. VASPs only connect to the gateway which itself is connected to multiple SMSCs.

System Use Cases

  • The first delivery attempt of SMPP application messages

In this case, PA-SMSGW receives SMPP messages and routes them directly to subscribers. This dramatically decreases the load for the SMSC and frees up its resources for exchanging messages between network subscribers.

  • Exchanging messages between SMS centers

PA-SMSGW can also be used as a router between different SMS centers to organize SMS messaging spaces. In this case, the operator can manage content providers, centrally.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible routing policies
  • Powerful access control system (IP addresses, originating number, anti-spam measures)
  • Fault management system
  • KPI management system


  • Supporting up to 50K SMS per second, according to the licensing costs
  • Hundreds of simultaneously connected SMPP connection
  • ESME bandwidth management
  • Powerful routing system according to message type, destination and origination address, and time
  • Alternative SMS routing in case of main SMPP connection failure
  • Traffic limitation and flow control for both subscribers and ESMEs
  • EDR and CDR